Portfolio Case Study: ustwo games studio portraits

When working with ustwo games, I wanted to create what I called a “portrait of the studio”. In order to achieve this, we took these more open, honest, direct portraits of each member of the team, each with a different area of the studio in the background. The effect was twofold; first, each subject was given a sense of individuality and personality without making them do anything too forced, posed or goofy. Secondly, by taking care to show as many different areas in and around the studio as possible, I was able to build up a portrait of both the studio and the people working within it, giving us a stronger sense of the place than a simple, plain background headshot would offer. The set is an ongoing, regularly updated series found on ustwo games’ Team Section.



I have ten years’ experience photographing people working in their office and studio environments, as well as creating portraits within those environments. I also regularly provide marketing and promotional material, mostly on location.