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    Gareth is a freelance London based portrait photographer who lives in Ealing, West London, with his lovely wife and stupidly amazing daughter. His work is a selection of commercial portraiture, studio portraiture, corporate portraiture / headshots and on-location editorial portraiture. Inbetween working with regular clients, he is always working on a personal project or three, is writing for himself or others, or is photographing friends, events and anything else he feels like. He secretly thinks that if he stops photographing things and making images, he might die.

    Like many people on the Internet who think they have an opinion worth broadcasting, he attempts to write an entertaining blog, entitled Before Turning The Blog On Himself (click to go to blog). Gareth sometimes writes about himself from a third person perspective, too, as it is supposed to make you look more important, like someone wrote your bio for you because you are too important to do it yourself. Sadly, everyone sees through this immediately, as it is a ludicrous practice. Gareth does not own a self portrait achieved by photographing himself with his camera in a mirror and converting it to black and white.

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